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Attention : Owners of Dental Clinics In Malaysia..

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Your "Headache-Free" Supply of Rubber Gloves At An Unbeatable Price & Quality

Focus on growing your dental practice with 100% Confidence as you treat your patients with the world's best gloves in your hand..

As seen on..


Experiencing These Problems With Your Current Supplier ?

Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 12.39.04 PM.png

Dirty & Smelly ?

Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 12.39.12 PM.png

Torn ?

Screenshot 2022-10-03 at 12.38.56 PM.png

Discolored ?

Since the boom in demand for gloves in 2020..

Everyone started supplying gloves, hence the quality in the overall market has gone down due to the major increase in supply..

If your current supplier is has quality issues like the above, it's time you seek your supply from one of Malaysia's best..

How are you supposed to feel confident in serving your patients when your gloves are looking like that ?

We're Not Just Better, We're Also 30% Cheaper MINIMUM..

What You & 1,000+ Clinics Are Doing...


What You Could Be Getting With Us...


Why Trust Us ?

How often do you get suppliers who are in the business for more than 20 years ?

But that's not important.. This is :

Over 20+ years, we've maintained a 99% repeat order rate. 

Every single one of our clients kept coming back since day 1..

Why The High Repeat Order ?


We provide something far more valuable than cheaper gloves.

We provide a peace of mind because we have a 100% guarantee that your gloves will meet your requirements..

How ?

With multiple QC reports & pictures in every packing stage to be included once you place an order from us.

If you're not happy with the quality, we will replace the order. Fair ?


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  • 99% Repeat Orders Since 2001

  • ISO 13485 & ISO 9001 Certified

  • Registered With Malaysian Rubber Board

  • Complimentary OEM Service Available With Low MOQ

Get Your Samples Now..


Thanks! Our team will reach out to you shortly to arrange the samples!

About Us..

We are not a "newcomer" in the glove industry..

Being established for over 20+ years, we have supplied over

500 Million gloves across 10+ countries around the world..

All while getting a 99% Satisfaction from our customers.

We have supplied some of the world's biggest brands & businesses in the medical industry.

And no.. we don't say that just to "show-off"

We say that because we want you to know that when you buy from us..

You're also buying a world-class partner to protect your customers, brand & your business.


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