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central destar office

since 2001

We started with a desire to efficiently & cost-effectively meet the ever-growing demand for protective gloves around the globe, all the way back in February 2001.

Starting off with a singular distribution channel in the early stages, we have now grown to provide high-quality examination gloves to our OEM partners all over Asia, Middle East and Europe.


Being in the industry for over 2 decades, we have perfected our methods in every step of the way; from packing to shipping. 

Our priority is simply two things:

Efficiency & Quality

  through experience.

Having various international partners in almost every continent around the globe, we take pride knowing our brand is trusted in protecting and ensuring the safety of the people around the world.

We commit hugely to serving  towards this purpose.

  to protect worldwide.
Our Vision

To successfully distribute high quality gloves at an affordable price to protect lives & well-being of people all over the world.

Our Mission

To constantly provide the best quality gloves through effective methods of quality control and deliver to our clients in an efficient manner through innovative packing methods.

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