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Attention : Purchasing Managers of Hotels, Restaurants & Beauty Centres with 5+ Outlets or More..

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Your "Headache-Free" Supply of Rubber Gloves To Protect Your Staff & Satisfy Customers At An Unbeatable Price & Quality

Bring 100% confidence into your customers when they see top-tier gloves wrapped on the hands of your staff.

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Are You In Any Of These Industries ?

Central Destar Nitrile Gloves For Hotel Staff
Luxury Hotel Chains
Beauty Centres

" Is it really needed for my staff to wear gloves when serving customers ? "

That might be the first question that comes to your mind.

We're here to tell you - it's not.

But here's what is really necessary for you to grow your business -


Will Your Customers Be Happy Seeing Your Staff Serve Them With Bare Hands ?

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We don't want you to end up getting reviews like that for your business..

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  • 99% Repeat Orders Since 2001

  • ISO 13485 Certified

  • Registered With Malaysian Rubber Board

  • Comfortable fit for all type of hands

  • Made with the most durable rubber

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Save At Least 30% On Prices & Get More Stable Supply
Without The Middleman

What You & 1,000+ Other Businesses Are Doing


What You Could Be Getting That Your Competitors Can't


We are not a "newcomer" in the glove industry..

Being established for over 20+ years, we have supplied over

500 Million gloves across 10+ countries around the world..

All while getting a 99% Satisfaction from our customers.

We have supplied some of the world's biggest brands & businesses in the medical industry.

And no.. we don't say that just to "show-off"

We say that because we want you to know that when you buy from us..

You're also buying a world-class partner to protect your customers, staff & your business.


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